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Valeria Derbais

catalogue online of Valeria derbais
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Catalogue online Valeria Derbais

Catalogue online Valeria Derbais. After the designs of this signature are Manuel and Carmina Gil De Montes. Two professionals of the fashion who decided to embark in this adventure in 1994. When they only counted on 18 years of age. Then they opened the first store of Inxplicable. Many designs later, are firmly consolidated in their sector, with an impeccable trajectory that guarantees them.

The style of Valeria Derbais is falsified and feminine, and at the same time it reveals a great force and character. The patrons and the selected fabrics transmit their exquisite taste: they manage to combine with harmony all the elements, harnessing the figure of the woman with elegance. This it is the seal of Valeria Derbais, the same that breathes its corporative identity, his communication offline. And, from now on, also its new webpage: a on sale direct channel destined of its models, as much to its clients as to wholesalers.

Design of the catalogue online of Valeria Derbais

For the design of the webpage of Valeria Derbais, we at any moment remembered the needs of the client. As well as that personality that it transmits and that had to own a continuity in the surroundings online. 

First of all, we designed a Web essentially destined on sale to the public, with a page of access restricted for the buyers wholesale. The result was satisfactory, the Web managed to maintain a clear appearance, that it allows a simple navigation through her, without produced confusion with an excess of sobreinformation.

In addition, we took a series from design decisions so that all the elements of the catalogue online of Valeria Derbais fitted perfectly with the personality of the brand. Also, we adapted to a trowel of color in harmony with the tonalities that characterize Valeria Derbais, and resorted to different options from design that guaranteed a clean and efficient model-making for a correct legibility and navigation.

Usability Web of Valeria Derbais

The characteristics that harness the usability of a website are vitally important; the Web that you design can be perfect in other many senses, but you do not offer the facilities necessary to interact with her, the user will leave it without remedy. For this reason, it is fundamental to realise a design that not only pleases at sight. But, in addition, it obtains that the final result is acceptable in terms of navigability.

With the new website of Valeria Derbais we have obtained it again. It enters him and it undergoes by same you the navigation facility, in anyone of your digital supports. If it needs more information to contract to the services of a designer Web, it can click in our section of contact. Thank you very much by its time.

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