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it lies down online of Vogana
it lies down online of Vogana in Ipad version
it lies down online of Vogana in movable version

Store online Vogana

Store online Vogana. This fashionable signature has the seal of Carmen of the Door, creative director of Vogana. After a childhood it enters challenges to them and seam tools, today it spends his days to dress to the present woman in personality and style. From the best materials, their designs breathe the aromas of the south, simple and at the same time bold, with force and elegance.

In the business of the fashion the stores online are being true a revulsive one. The purchase habits have changed (or they continue doing it). For that reason they are more and more the companies that decide to take that step. For the creation of the website of Vogana we had everything to our favor: the brand is young, brave and with a clear idea and is transparent of its style.

Design of the catalogue online of Vogana

First of all, in the store online of Vogana, we transferred that clarity and cleaning, presents in its corporative identity, to the set of the design elements with which we were going to work. The dominance of the target, along with a trowel of grays. In addition to the permanent presence of simple lines, they allow that the view relaxes, it is not lost before too much information and it can thus stop his attention in what it interests to him. The message that Vogana wishes to transmit. And the fundamental message is sent on sale direct of its products. 

For this reason, we designed a home page that is opened directly as a catalogue online. In this sense, the appearance can remember to the one of Instagram, a social network which surely very will be accustomed the followers of the brand. But with one it differentiates substantial: in the new webpage of Vogana they will be able to acquire of fast and simple form the dress that they were looking for. 

Usability Web of Vogana

One of the things that we wanted to harness in the webpage, was to reduce the number of click in the purchase process. By general norm, the steps usually are between 4 and 5. In the store online of Vogana we obtained that the purchase was in 2 steps. The world of the fashion, the majority of the purchases usually is in movable version. Therefore, at the most easy we put it to the buyer, major rate of conversion we will obtain. The average of this year is between 0.45% and 0.55%.

In order to retain the user who has arrived at the webpage it is necessary to put the easy things to him. This means that it wishes that the webpage fast loading and in anyone of his devices.

Vogana needed a Web focused on sale, but also other sections that had to be correctly integrated. As for example lookbook, where the details of the different models can be appraised with high photographic quality. In addition to connections to the social networks, to gain new followers; a biography, that credibility to the website adds. Finally a contact page. All this built the framework for, finally, was distributed in a map clear, visible Web at any moment for the usuary Web.

If you need help or advising about creating a webpage, you can contact with us in our section of contact. Thanks for its attention.

To visit Web: vogana.es