Your Web to the Point - Warning bequeaths and privacy policy
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General conditions

Obligations of the use


With general character, the User commits to the fulfillment of the present conditions and terms of use, and to always build according to the law, to moral convention and the exigencies of the good faith, using the diligence adapted to the nature of the service of which enjoys, and abstaining to anyway use the present website that can prevent, damage or aggravate the normal operation of the same, the goods or rights of the holder (Your Web to the Point), of the rest of Users or, generally, any third party.


In particular, and without it implies restriction some to the obligation assumed by the User with general character in accordance with the previous section, the User commits himself, in the use of present website a:


Not to introduce, to store or to spread in or from the website, any information or slanderous, insulting, obscene, outside threatening material that, xenophobe, urges the violence to the discrimination because of race, sex, ideology, religion or that anyway attempts against the moral, the public order, the fundamental rights, you free them public, the honor, the privacy or the image of third parties and, generally, which it harms the Spanish effective norm and of its country of residence.


Not to introduce, to store or to spread by means of the website any program of computer, data, virus, code, or any other file that are susceptible to cause to damages or any type of alteration in the website, anyone of the services, or anyone of the equipment, systems or networks of Your Web to the Point of any User, or generally of any third party, that can prevent the normal operation of the same.


Not to destroy, to alter, to use for its use, to make unusable or to damage the electronic data, information, programs, documents, or, generally, the files, of Your Web to the Point, the Users or third parties.

Your Web to the Point will be able, at any moment and without previous warning, to modify the present General Conditions, as well as the Particular Conditions that, where appropriate, are included, by means of the publication of these modifications in the website in order that they can be known by the Users.

Exoneration of responsibility


Your Web to the Point will not be responsible:


With general character, with respect to the inadequate use of its website. The users will have to realise a use adapted of the same, in agreement with the previous conditions and terms, without no responsibility can have the holder by the illegal use.


With respect to possible technical deficiencies. Your Web to the Point will not be responsible in any case for the alterations in the service that take place by failures in the mains, in the network of connection of data, in the servant or any benefits.


With respect to the access by third parties to its system. Your Web to the Point will adopt the technical cautions necessary in order to protect the data and information to which it is acceded, but without he is responsible for activities of third parties that, harming the established safety measures, they accede to the mentioned data.


Your Web to the Point tries to diminish the risk of virus and software similar, and contained nonauthorized in its information systems. In spite of it, the User is conscious that he must adopt his own oriented measures to diminish the damages caused by nonauthorized software, virus, Trojans and any class of denominated software mal-ware, exempting to Your Web to the Point of all responsibility that could be derived from the containment of malware in the treatments qualified in the present Web.

Utilization of hiperenlances


The user of Internet that wants to introduce connections from its own Webs to the Webpage will have to fulfill the conditions that are detailed next without the ignorance of the same avoids the responsibilities derived from the Law.


The connection will only tie with the Home Page or main page of the webpage but will not be able to reproduce it of any form (inline links, copy of texts, graphs, etc.). It will be in any case prohibited, in agreement with the applicable and effective legislation at every moment, to establish frames or marks of any type that surrounds to the webpage or allows the visualization of the contents through Internet addresses different from those from the webpage and, in any case, when they visualize jointly with contents other people's to the Webpage so that: (i) produces, or can produce, error, confusion or deceit in usuary on the true origin of the service or Contents; (II) it supposes an act of comparison or disloyal imitation; (III) it serves to take advantage of the reputation the brand and prestige as Your Web to the Point.; or (IV) from any other form it is prohibited by the effective legislation.


They will not be realised from the page that introduces the connection no type of false, inexact or incorrect manifestation on Your Web to the Point, its direction, employees, clients or on the quality of the services that renders.


In no case, it will be expressed in the page where the connection is located that Your Web to the Point has given its consent for the insertion of the connection or that of another form it sponsors, it collaborates, it verifies or it supervises the services of the sender.


The use of any denominativa, graphical or mixed brand or any other distinguishing sign of Your Web to the Point within the page of the safe in the cases allowed by law or specifically authorized sender by Your Web to the Point is prohibited and whenever it is allowed, in these cases, a direct link with the webpage in the form established in this clause.


The page that establishes the communication will have to fulfill the law faithfully and it will not be able in any case of having or of connecting with own contents or third parties that: (i) is illicit, injurious or opposite to the moral and moral convention (pornographic, violent, racist, etc.); (II) they induce or they can induce in the User the false conception that Your Web to the Point subscribes, endorses, adheres or anyway it supports, the ideas, manifestations or expressions, allowed or illicit, of the sender; (III) the activity of Your Web to the Point in attention to the place, contents and thematic of the webpage of the sender are unsuitable or nonpertinent with. Also, the User will abstain to include in the webpage any hyperlink (in future, €œlink€) directed to a webpage that contain illicit, opposite information or contents to the moral and generally accepted moral convention, and to the public order.

Intellectual and industrial property


The structure, design and form of presentation of the elements available in the present Web (graphical, industrial images, photographies, samples and materials that appears in the same, technologies, files, logos, combinations of colors and any susceptible element of protection) are protected by rights of intellectual property and industrial ownership of Your Web to the Point or on which the corresponding rights of use have been obtained.


It is prohibited the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, putting at the disposal of the public and, generally, any other form of operation, partisan or total of the elements referred in the previous section. Its publication in other webpages or other digital or written mass media requires the express consent of the holder of the Web, and, in any case, they will have to make explicit reference to the ownership of the right mentioned ones of intellectual property of Your Web to the Point.


The use of the distinguishing signs is not allowed (brands, commercial names), except for express authorization of the legitimate holders.


Except for express authorization of Your Web to the Point, the connection to €œfinal pages€, €œframe€ and any other similar manipulation is not allowed. The connections always must be to the main page or homepage of the website.

Registry of treatment activities


Treatment: Clients


Purpose of the treatment: Management of the relation with the clients.


Description of the categories of clients and the categories of personal data: People with whom a trade relation as clients stays.


Categories of personal data: The necessary ones for the maintenance of the trade relation. To invoice.


Of identification: Full name, NIF, mailing dress, telephones, e-mail.


Banking data: For the domiciliation of payments.


The categories of adressees to those who communicated or will communicate the personal data: Nobody.


When it is possible, the terms anticipated for the suppression of the different categories from data: The anticipated ones by the fiscal legislation with respect to the prescription of responsibilities.



Fulfillment with the protection of data


In accordance with the established thing in the effective norm in Protection of Personal Character data, we informed to him that the personal character data that have provided us will be incorporated to a file whose person in charge is Your Web to the Point. (National identity document: 77818979C and head office 18 Juan Sebastian Elcano A (), Spain) in order to transact its request of subscription and power periodically to send information to him of its interest, maintaining to him informed by means of electronic commercial communications on our products and services.


The legitimation is derived from the existence of a contractual relation, legitimate interest and consent, according to each purpose and possible cession.


In agreement with the rights that it confers to him the effective norm in protection of data will be able to exert the rights of Access, Rectification, Portability, Limitation of treatment, Suppression or, where appropriate, Opposition as is explained in this page.