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Vintage Big

Store online Vintage Big
Store online Vintage Big
Store online Vintage Big

Store online Vintage Big

Store online Vintage Big. Brand of local clothes that were born in 2014, and that have had a good acceptance in . Brand very used by players of soccer and basketball and focused the final client.

Design of the store online Vintage Big

For the development of the store online. A linear structure has been followed that allows a easy navigation by the webpage. Through background of white color, of the use of boxes that divide the information and of the integration of representative icons of the services that the store offers online. All this facilitates to the user who can buy quickly, by means of a fast process. Thanks to meditated a content structured and organized previously.

As far as the design Web, it emphasizes a modern and youthful style thanks to a typography of dry wood and glad and luminous photographies. The corporative color of the brand has been used to dress the website.  Combined with the color orange that draws attention of the users at the time of buying. Finally to emphasize the slider use to secure an attractive Web.

Positioning SEO of the store online Vintage Big

In order to conclude, I mention some aspects for the positioning of the Web; design resposive adapted to all the devices, optimization of the images and use of the keywords. With this, we will secure a great optimization.

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