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Your carriage

Webpage Your carriage
Webpage Your carriage
Your carriage design responsive

Your carriage

Webpage Your carriage. Company of hiring of carriages in .

Usability of the webpage Your carriage

A easy and intuitive structure has been followed that it allows the users to move without difficulty by the page. In addition the information is divided in horizontal strips of different color, distinguishing itself thus each one of the contents. Background of white color facilitates the order and the organization of the information. The use of icons allows us to identify of simple form the services that offer the company and redirigirnos to the complete content of the same.

Design of the webpage Your carriage

As far as the design Web of Your carriage, I have wanted to respect the values of the brand through two basic characteristicses. You classify it of the sector and his modality of use. In order to obtain this, I have used as filters sepia for the photographies. Typographies in cursive with serif and icons chords to the style. In addition through the chosen colors, the black and the yellow, represent the car of horse and the white one by which Pisa respectively.

Strategy SEO

The positioning SEO followed in this project is based on an adaptable design responsive, that is to say to all the devices, or computer, mobile or tablet. Optimization of the images, use of keywords and reduction of the time of load. If you need to create a new project, it contacts with your designer freelance Web in .