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Mariquilla Perez

Store online Mariquilla Perez
Store online Mariquilla Perez design responsive
Store online Mariquilla Perez design responsive

Webpage Mariquilla Perez

Store online Mariquilla Perez. Small store of clothes, located in center of . In her clothes of designers are sold who want to become a hollow in this as difficult world as it is the fashion.

Design of the store online Mariquilla Perez

First of all, it has been wanted to emphasize a easy navigation for the user. All store online must be intuitive and concise. So that the purchase process is friendliest possible for the user. Dividing the page of home in three blocks with the same objective, to stimulate the purchase. One is made up of a sliding slider with images of the designers who compose the brand. Followed of a block with the most excellent categories. Finally we have wanted to give force to the new features.

As far as the design it has been used photos of good quality to present the product, with the purpose of securing to quality and firmness in the clothes signature. The corporative colors that we have used are different taken pink tonalities from the logo.

Design responsive Mariquilla Perez

Finally, responsive is obtained to a design, with a structured content, including an optimization of the images, a good use of words the keys. Mainly to be able to reduce the time of load. With the aim of increasing the traffic of the created Web. If you are interested in creating a new project online. Or a store online or corporative webpage, you do not doubt in contacting with your designer Web in .