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Rosa lake

Store online Rosa Lake
Store online Rosa Lake
Pink lake design responsive

Webpage Lago Rosa

Store online Pink Lake is a Company that I am created at the end of 2015 with the intention to present African products in . It is dedicated on sale of textile products, accessories, imitation jewellery and decoration.

Usability of the store online Rosa Lake

First of all, for the creation of the store online it has been wanted to divide the Web in four blocks. 1) Sliders sliding with the images of products. 2) Are the different product categories. 3) Selection of the most showy products of the store online. 4) The blog arranges, where it will speak of the tendencies of the same. This structure has been realised with the purpose of to create a easy navigation for the user who visits and we have used background white for all the Web and a color for each category.

Design of the store online Rosa Lake

As far as the design Web, a spiral return thought not to make the typical thing raise product on a universal bottom. The intention was to emphasize the product mainly the others, after all our aim is to sell. For that reason, we have used a color for each product category, under some you rule. That it was a flat and smooth color to give protagonism him. The colors selected in Pink Lake are €œblue, green, yellow and pink€. In sliders sliding we have followed the same graphical line respecting the same color for each category. Thus representing warm colors as Africa.

The corporative color is used to give importance him to certain elements, to secure an attractive Web and functional and the used typography is with serif, very similar to which I am used for the creation of the brand.

SEO Lago Rosa positioning

In order to finalize, I will mention some basic aspects to you for the organic positioning of the store online. Design resposive, adapted to all the devices, enriched content, optimization of the images and use of the keywords. Conclusion, is necessary a good positioning SEO in Pink Lake to increase the traffic of visits.