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Envapack webpage
Envapack webpage
Envapack webpage

Envapack webpage

Envapack webpage. Sevillan company that is dedicated on sale of machinery of package of all type of products to national level. Its competitive advantage towards the rest of its competition, is the adaptation of a new express technology and its service of 24horas. This has caused that the company has a growth of the 200% in a single year.

Usability of the Envapack webpage

First of all, to speak of the easy navigation that has this Web for its users. Bellboys are created of contacts and forms with the intention of which the interested one finds the machinery model quickly. The content of the home page is divided in four blocks. Presentation, services, values and finally contact. And not less important the menu than is divided in services, the different machineries that exist and finally a contact. In order to secure an exquisite organization and to secure so the usuary benefit sailing by the Web. It is divided in blocks of information with different colors; target and gray. On the other hand, I have wanted to create a Web with icons with the purpose of to adapt this sector to the new times.

Design of the Envapack webpage

Next it is possible to emphasize the design Web with images of good quality of all products. Always accompanied by both corporative colors of the brand. As far as the typography it has been used very seemed with which I am created the brand so that everything breathes the same.

Design responsive Envapack

The Envapack webpage, is adaptable to all the devices, including an optimization of the images and a good use of words the keys. But mainly reduction of the time of load. To part, we have bet by a strategy building. With the intention to position to us quickly in the market of machineries it packages at national level. This we reinforced a good positioning yet SEO.