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Bodeguita Antonio Romero

Webpage Bodeguita Antonio Romero
Webpage Bodeguita Antonio Romero
Webpage Bodeguita Antonio Romero design responsive

Webpage Bodeguita Antonio Romero

Webpage Bodeguita Antonio Romero. He is one of the restaurants more known in all . Bodeguita Antonio Romero is formed by three restaurants in the zone of the historical helmet of . Where it among others emphasizes as special plate €œpiripi€ many. Bodeguita Antonio Romeros in a restaurant of tradition and culture in which always it has worked very well. Its only problem was its communication in Internet. It had an obsolete webpage in HTML, some disorderly social networks and DES-ectructuradas.

In the first place to comment, that all company needs to be in online means. If this does not happen, they ten by certainly your business will not last in the time. This was made see him the manager of the restaurants and I do not doubt in letting itself advise, to create a communication strategy online. With the aim of reaching an objective public at whom it had not possibly arrived by means of the mouth at mouth.

Design of the webpage Bodeguita Antonio Romero

As far as the new design Web, it was needed to harness and to shape the atmosphere and the experience that you live when trying one of his great plates. This has been obtained through the implementation of images in high quality. Optimized for the webpage of Bodeguita Antonio Romero. Sailing by the website, we will be able to observe parallax by each of the sections. Securing to movement and realism so that the user can savor the product from his screen. On the other hand, one has imagined by means of the corporative colors, an image of a preservative, traditional and elegant restaurant. In Bodeguita Antonio Romero the black color has been used and the color receives for being able to create that experience of which as much we are speaking.

Usability of the webpage Bodeguita Antonio Romero

In addition to securing an atmosphere, it has been tried to transmit cleaning and clarity. With the aim of which the user observes directly what really he interests to him. Images of the three restaurants through a gallery and the letter. By all means we cannot be forgotten the location of the three warehouses and his social networks. Thus facilitating, the conversion and therefore the sale of the product. Bodeguita Antonio Romero is everything a success in .

Design responsive Bodeguita Antonio Romero

Finally, the webpage Bodeguita Antonio Romero, is responsive. That is to say, it is adapted to the different devices. On the other hand, much importance has occurred him to the speed of load. The designer Web in , has been in charge to optimize all the images so that they do not lose quality and he visualizes perfectly. For all type of creation of webpages in , you do not doubt in contacting with me, designer freelance Web.