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They bark Gaucho

It lies down Online Bark Gaucho
It lies down Online Bark Gaucho
Ladrangaucho design responsive

Store online Barks Gaucho

Store online Barks Gaucho. Sevillan company that is dedicated on sale online of accessories for dogs. Necklaces, strap and water throughs. They also bark Gaucho have belts to be able to combine them with the necklace of your dog.

Design of the store online Barks Gaucho

First of all, a new webpage with the aim of harnessing the sales has been created. This is obtained to traverse, of an attractive design, easy usability for the user and good quality of images. Llama the attention the continuous call on sale, showing the product from the home. They appear in the slider, the menu and the main page through the product categories. The webpage is characterized for being very visual and corporative. A easy and comfortable structure for the user at the time of buying can be appreciated. Where they will be able to see the product categories nothing else enter the Web and to clicar in the chosen product. On the other hand, it will have very easy the purchase process since it has an only step.

Next, since I have mentioned previously, the store online of Barks Gaucho account with images in very good quality. Which will help to sell more. On the other hand we can appreciate a webpage very corporative where they emphasize its two corporative colors, a smooth gray and the other dark. As far as the typography, I have used a similar of his identity, fire sans. Elegant and very agreed to the style that transmits the website. Always using a same graphical style so that everything breathes the same.

Gaucho design responsive Ladran

The store online Barks Gaucho, like all the others, is responsive. In this project much importance has occurred him to the optimization of images since the quality of the images when lowering could not be lost the resolution. To part of a correct selection of keywords for the same. To part we have conserved the positioning SEO of the old Web by means of a redirection of connections.

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