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Baikis in movable version lies down online
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Store online Baikis

Store online Baikis. This brand of youthful clothes, with wicked and self-assured air, inspired by full ethnic reasons for color, is a illusory project that began almost by chance, as they themselves count in their new website. This adventure today is one firm proposal, with a very clear style and personality.

They trusted our designs to give the jump to the Web. They were conscious of the importance of harnessing the channels online of the brand, those that allow to appeal him to their objective public in familiar surroundings for them and, simultaneously, to open itself to other places of geography. Today they have an agreed platform to its objectives and their image name brand, focused on sale direct of its articles.

Design of the store online Baikis

From the home we had a clear thing: the new webpage of Baikis had to be as funny as Baikis. And I believe that if we have obtained it has be reducing importance to him to the own Web, to the elements that compose their design, thus to heighten the product in first plane. This he is the one that manages to transmit of clearer form the personality of Baikis.

With this premise, we started up. Generally, all the decisions that we were taking walked in that sense: tones extinguished, with certain notes of color; a typography of dry wood, bold, playing with the small letters and capital letters; simple icons and the predominance of the photography. The final result responds, to a great extent, to our objective: to create the support that serves as ideal showcase for the sale online of its products.

Usability Wagon Web Cleaning

In Baikis they offer a fan of possibilities: t-shirts, poles, sweater shirts, bags and caps. These last ones, to facilitate navigation, the inclu­mos in a common section, dedicated to accessories. Also we add lookbook, a corporative section and a page for reductions. In addition we connected the Web with the social networks in which the brand is present. The final design organizes in a map Web effectively all this information, to harness its usability.

Also, the stored information does not obstruct the load of the Web, and the design responsive allows to sail by her with comfort in anyone of habitual the digital supports: mobile, computer or tablet. 

If you need more information about our services, you do not doubt in contacting with us through our form of contact or section of contact.

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