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Webpage Ritmo
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Webpage Ritmo

Webpage Ritmo . In this sport center they know that their users demand a new concept of the health and the physical training. For this reason, it opened its doors with the vocation to offer a new form to be related to the own body. Their services, completely individualized, include physiotherapy, exercise and nutrition. 

With that vocation to constitute itself in a reference in the sector, as a modern center, born in the 21st century for people of the 21st century. In Rate they wanted to harness the digital scope in his communicative dedicated server hosting strategy. For it, they wanted to count on our services of design and positioning SEOIf you are interested in contracting a designer Web, you do not doubt in contacting with us.

Design of Rate

rate looked for, essentially, a space online in which to be able to position its corporative image. With her, it persecutes one double strategy: this new channel must serve to them as much to catch new clients as to contact effective with its present users on its different schedules and services. 

In this way, taking as essential pillars the corporative identity from the brand. We work to offer to them what they needed. From a page of attractive home, clear and ordinate, we created one first positive impression for the users who accede for the first time to her. Offering a suitable selection of the different information that can be looking for. The rest of the website, offers the possibility of investigating simple form in each of the services of Rate.

Usability of Rate

The great diversity of services that supplies the center did outside that essential to take care of special form the map Web. The organization of the information in different pages and easily accessible sections is a factor from key navigability. For this reason, the constant presence of the head menu. While the user does scroll in the page, he acts as a very useful reference. The user feels located in the website, knows where he is and how to arrive at where he wants to go.

Other factors, as the time of load of the page or the design responsive (adapted all type of digital devices), also has been care in detail. The result is an effective channel in all facets, technological and communicative. A resource of first level to continue positioning the image of Rate. 

To visit Web: ritmosevilla.es