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Store online Mibuh
Store online Mibuh
Store online Mibuh

Store online Mibuh

Referring store online Mibuh, companies in the sector of the fashion in Spain. Luxury for special occasions is dedicated on sale of accessories. Public focused to celebrities, bloggers and the final client. I am created a new Web with the aim of harnessing the sales and fidelizar to the client with a structure and an attractive design that it urges the purchase. And mainly a easy usability of purchase for the user. I hope that you like.

Design of the store online Mibuh

First of all, we will speak of the design of the webpage and his proposals of value. Mibuh is a referring company in the world of the fashion, was necessary to harness much its product by means of the quality of image. As it is possible nothing else to be observed to open the webpage, there is a total impact towards the sale. At any moment we taught to the categories of products and products in himself. With the aim of giving credibility to the user. The first proposal of value that is wanted to transmit is to obtain that the client can touch the product and fall in love with him just by to visualize it. The following added proposal is the ease of use at the time of sailing by the Web. In two steps you only can buy the product without losing to you or turning aside to you.

On the other hand one has been able to create a same communication once created the Web. Some have been chosen corporative colors and an agreed typography to their identity. With the aim of being faithful to that communicative axis. If you want to contact with a designer Web in , it enters the contact page.

Design responsive Mibuh

Finally the store online Mibuh, is adaptable to all the devices and not less important, with the aim of maintaining the previous positioning. A redirection became of all the connections of importance towards the new webpage. If it needs help, it contacts with your designer Web in .

To visit Web: mibuh.com