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Cayro Woman

Store online Cayro Woman
Store online Cayro Woman in Ipad version
Store online Cayro Woman in movable version

Store online Cayro Woman

Webpage Cayro Woman. From its headquarters in , the company Cayro Woman offers an ample catalogue of designs and inspired by the main tendencies of the moment. Renewing year after year in two collections, Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter. Its objective is to continue growing as brand, occurring to know and extending its potential clients through a strategy digital communication.

For it, first of all, they had to own a store online that allowed to direct the traffic them through other channels (they own profiles in different social networks). In this way, they were put in touch with us to order its creation to us.

Design of Cayro Woman

After knowing his work and the objectives that they persecuted, we could draw up to a structure agreed Web to his specific needs. On the one hand, the Web of Cayro Woman is focused on sale direct. On the other, they also required of a special section of access restricted for wholesale clients. But in addition, the store online works as a great digital showcase, opened and to all hours everywhere, that can harness the corporative image of the brand.

By all this, we created a simple main page that directly offered a first catalogue of products. These, in addition, are perfectly classified thanks to a main menu. Where also we located the access to the section of clients. Altogether, the result is clean and balance, comfortable to handle and respectful with the corporative identity of Cayro Woman. 

Usability of Cayro Woman

In Cayro Woman, to take care of the aesthetic part of the design Web it is a fundamental subject, in strategies mainly online of direct sale. This is due to the exigencies of credibility on the part of the user in those cases are going to be majors. But also it is from vital important other details. As the time of load or the map Web, that can construct or destroy an image of solution and effectiveness ligature to the brand.

The catalogue online of Cayro Woman owns a design responsive (adaptable to any class of electronics). Fulfilling the main requirements that guarantee a correct usability. If you wish it, you can enter his Web and verify it by same you.

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