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it lies down online of Miussa in Ipad version
it lies down online of Miussa in movable version

Store online Miussa

Store online Miussa. Heat, joy, sensuality or vitality. With these words they describe in Miussa its own creations, and they approach which enough they transmit when you are in front of them. This character, self-assured and bold, it summary in a concept: boho chic. An encounter between the hippie and the Bohemian, shaped in designs that interweave influences of different cultures from the most varied corners of the world.

The personality of Miussa requires, inevitably, of a variable catalogue. In addition to a section of dresses, in Miussa they have robes, tops, kimonos and skirts. For the creation of its new webpage, it had to contemplate this set of needs that they transmitted to us, while to know how to translate the style of the brand in a new channel for the sale of its products.  

Design of the catalogue online of Miussa

In the store online of Miussa, we decided on a easy design and intuitive. For this reason, we decided to maintain an elegant and sophisticated tone, so that the true protagonists were the models of Miussa, as the pictures of a museum: the color explosion takes place within the frame; outside him, the view does not find more distraction than a target that extends until a new work of art. 

The home page is opened, in this way, as a showcase, flooding of colors the screen of any device thanks to a very showy slider. From this first impression, the user can decide how to know more the universe of Miussa seeing new models: or, it can choose in the menu what is what it interests to him, or can do scroll and be let take by the new features and suggestions of the moment.

Usability Web of Miussa

First of all, it emphasizes the purchase in two steps. By general norm east type of CMS has the purchase in 5 click. The objective is to save that click to the user to improve the experience of purchase of the user. It is thought mainly for the movable version.

As all our works, the webpage tells on a design responsive, able to be adapted without distortion to any device, or computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition, thanks to the elements of the design by which we chose, the time of load of the page is placed in a very positive number, which results again in one better usability.

Yet it, and thanks to a correct architecture of the map Web, navigation through her is assured. The user can enter and to verify it by the same, the experience is at any moment intuitive and pleasant. Thus, it will only pay his attention to the truly important thing: all the products with which it is possible only to be done to a distance click.

In Your Web to the Point you will be able to find a professional and near advising. If you have any doubt or you are interested in some of our services you do not doubt in contacting with us.

To visit Web: miussa.es