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What we're good AT

Design Web

Design Web : Optimized, creative webpages and of easy usability.


Consultation free!


Format responsive: All the websites are adapted to your devices·.


Creativity and design: Each project is unique with an exclusive design to your needs.


· Easy navigation: One transmits cleaning, simplicity and creativity.


If you are a store online: Process of easy purchase in 2 steps.


Simple for the client: Intuitive panel of administrator and easy handling.

Gratuitous analyses and Budgets


I am Pablo Quintanal and I realise design Web in  and positioning SEO.


First of all, I have worked during 2 years in the Average Agency of Publicity in Network, ordered of the design department Web and positioning SEO. Previously I have worked in the Agency of Publicity n¶mad during 4 years realising design Web also specializing to me in stores online. Enthusiastic of the communication and the world online, for that reason I decided to study public publicity and relations. Graduated in 2013 with optimal results. Here you will be able to go LinkedIn to see my complete profile.


Also I have worked of freelance for other agencies of publicity as Agency Marin, Jumpers, ConvertClick or Imagina Advertising, realising works of design Web and positioning SEO. At the moment also work of designer freelance Web Hosting.


In the homes of my professional walking I worked of social average because that profile in the company was needed. Until I became a hollow in which really I liked, the design Web and in positioning SEO. In addition, I dedicated to projects freelance Web. If you are interested in design Web or realising positioning SEO for your project, you can contact with your designer Web.


Here you have my projects where you will be able to know my external works. Nevertheless, I cannot raise projects that I have realised to other companies not to infringe agreements.


Design Web in

Design Web

My specialty in this so ample sector is the design Web. I dedicate myself to the creation of webpages in . The objective is to secure a creative and exclusive design for each client according to its needs. I like to maintain a fluid and constant feedback with the same, to carry out a work schist. At the moment, all the Web realised responsive, that is to say, to all the devices has an adaptable design. I enclose my projects to you, so that you could see as work. The last statistics of this year in 2017, more of 85% of the searches that we realised by Internet are through mobile. Therefore, you must contact with a designer Web in  to realise your design Web.

Design Web in
Designer Web in

Positioning SEO

First of all, a webpage is not complete if it does not have a positioning behind. A person, must herself nourish for being able to survive, with the Webs happens the same exactly. The designer Web in must create enriched and not duplicated contents, with a structured menu, use of keywords, good an optimization of images, creation of internal liaisons and external, use of tools SEO and google among others. A good organic positioning will take to your at the most high Web. Therefore the excellent content is very important. You need design Web in  specialized in SEO? You only must put to you with me for the creation of webpages in in touch.

Designer Web in

Analysis Web and Reporting

Also I realise reporting, compiling all the information that provides the users who sail by a space Web. The data most important in this type of analysis are the unique visits, users, percentage bounces, number of seen pages and the time of navigation. In addition, the objective is that you have a control of the traffic of its Web and as can improve in the positioning SEO of the same. I am in charge of the creation of webpages in and positioning. In conclusion, you must probably contact with your designer Web in .

Designer Web in
to webmaster - Designer Web in


I realise migrations of servers, hosting and domain. To what I talk about with this? We imagine that we have our present webpage and want to contract new dedicated server hosting to lodge our website or domain. I am your designer Web in for this kind of problems. To part I am in charge to migrate your old positioning SEO to your new page. The failure of the designer Web when realising the redesign of a webpage usually is, that loaded all the positioning SEO of all the page. This is solved through a re-direci³n of all the keywords and URL of the old webpage. It asks for your previous report to see in what state is your positioning SEO.